MSNBC Show Discusses Politics of Marijuana Legalization

MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” is an uncommonly smart and informative TV program. Airing on Saturdays and Sundays, it sets aside time to discuss serious issues in an in-depth way that not many other shows on cable news do.

This past Sunday, during the program’s regular “What You Should Know” segment, guest Katrina vanden Huevel of The Nation¬†magazine informed viewers know about the historic marijuana legalization victories in Colorado and Washington, saying the votes mean “we have come one step closer to ending the ineffective, irrational and inhumane drug wars in this country.” She also makes sure to note that this political opportunity presents an¬†”opening for the president to instruct the Department of Justice to reprioritize the prosecution of marijuana cases.”

Check out the video, about 5:25 in to this clip:

As a bonus, if you rewind to the earlier part of the clip where host Chris Hayes is talking about the New York State Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he says, “I care about…marijuana decriminalization,” calling the issue “extremely important.”

One thought on “MSNBC Show Discusses Politics of Marijuana Legalization

  1. The marijuana debate has come full circle. The incredible waste of resources trying to make it a crime has been a failure of historic proportions. The alcohol barons who started the fight to criminalize pot have profited immensely. Now the beginning of sanity and legalization are returning. Our cops can go back to real crimes and stop being an intermediary for health related issues. Our doctors must demand that alcohol and drug related events be brought to their attention. Our judges need to throw out all pot use cases brought before them. And last but not least the Mexican drug cartels need to find another business.

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