MSNBC Show Discusses Politics of Marijuana Legalization

MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” is an uncommonly smart and informative TV program. Airing on Saturdays and Sundays, it sets aside time to discuss serious issues in an in-depth way that not many other shows on cable news do.

This past Sunday, during the program’s regular “What You Should Know” segment, guest Katrina vanden Huevel of The Nation magazine informed viewers know about the historic marijuana legalization victories in Colorado and Washington, saying the votes mean “we have come one step closer to ending the ineffective, irrational and inhumane drug wars in this country.” She also makes sure to note that this political opportunity presents an ”opening for the president to instruct the Department of Justice to reprioritize the prosecution of marijuana cases.”

Check out the video, about 5:25 in to this clip:

As a bonus, if you rewind to the earlier part of the clip where host Chris Hayes is talking about the New York State Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he says, “I care about…marijuana decriminalization,” calling the issue “extremely important.”

More Members of the Marijuana Majority

Marijuana Majority is helping to change the conversation about marijuana policy, and it’s not just us saying that about ourselves.

The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf wrote an amazing article about our website launch, titled “The End of Laughing at Marijuana Reformers.” Read it here.

Beyond earning media coverage that reframes the marijuana debate, we’ve continued to be in touch with more prominent people who want to add their voices to the Marijuana Majority.

For example, comedian and actor Drew Carey sent this tweet making sure to get his support for legalization on the record:

Michigan State Representative Mike Callton, a Republican, contacted Marijuana Majority and asked us to note his support for medical marijuana on the site:

“Aside from being a state legislator, I am a Chiropractor. I have had patients tell me about how medical marijuana has helped them without the side effects of prescription drugs. The light bulb flicked on for me when a patient came in telling me that he was dying of liver cancer… He said he was losing a lot of weight but could not tolerate the medicines his doctor had given him for nausea. He got a prescription for medical marijuana and he said it was really helping him keep weight on since it eliminated the nausea and improved his appetite… When I decided that I would support medical marijuana publicly, I had to consider the political ramifications. Would this hurt my chances of being reelected? 63% of Michigan voters supported the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and 37% opposed it. You wouldn’t be in elected office very long if you always sided with minority opposition.”

Doug Fine, bestselling author, sent this over to us:

“America is ready to end the Drug War. Great countries make mistakes. The Drug War, at 40 years and a trillion taxpayer dollars, is one of our worst. Up there with segregation and the approval of DDT. After a year spent following a cannabis flower from farm to patient, it is my clear journalistic conclusion in the book TOO HIGH TO FAIL that my children will be safer and healthier, and our nation more affluent, when we remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and allow states to regulate it for adult use, like alcohol.”

Documentary filmmaker Matthew Cooke asked us to post this quote:

“The latest polls show the majority of Americans support decriminalizing marijuana. It’s time to change our laws. Every day marijuana remains illegal means more people arrested and given criminal records ruining their lives. The only winners from a marijuana black-market are the drug cartels and the prison industrial complex.”
And Mike Collins, a former prosecutor who also served as national spokesman for the Republican National Committee, wanted us to post this:
“A broad consensus is emerging that it’s only a matter of time before marijuana is legalized. Most voters — and nearly everybody I ever worked with in law enforcement — agree that marijuana prohibition has been a horrible, wasteful mistake. The people are way ahead of their leaders on this one, and the people are right.”
With the marijuana legalization votes on Tuesday in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, it sure is an exciting time to speak out and join the Marijuana Majority.

With your help, we can convince even more prominent people to add their voices to the debate. Send some tweets asking celebrities to speak out now. Just go to, click on the “ISSUES” dropdown on the top menu and then select “GET OUT THE QUOTE.”