New Polls: Support in IA, NH & SC For Respecting State Marijuana Laws


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Marijuana Majority is excited to release the results of our first commissioned public opinion polls.

As 2016 approaches, we thought it would be interesting to see whether people in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina want the federal government to respect state marijuana laws or if they want the DEA sent in to arrest legal growers, sellers and users.

The results were very promising for marijuana law reformers like us. Huge majorities in all three states want the federal government to let states legalize marijuana without interference, and support extends across every demographic, including Republicans, 2012 Mitt Romney supporters, people older than 65 and those who identify as very conservative. In Iowa and New Hampshire, support is particularly strong among Democrats and independents. In South Carolina, Republicans more strongly respecting state marijuana laws than Democrats do, while independents are even more in favor of getting the feds out of the way.

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