More People Are Joining Marijuana Majority



Yesterday’s launch was exciting. We got great press coverage from outlets like TechCrunch, Mediaite, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily DishHuffington Post, Boing Boing, Reason and many others!

People really seem to like the site. Check out this tweet from Josh Greenman, the opinions editor at New York Daily News:

And, people are connecting with us in a big way! After just one day, we have 5,000 Facebook likes, 700 Twitter followers and over 2,500 people on our e-mail list. And people are tweeting at celebrities to help Get Out the Quote and are sharing our image memes widely. This image of Morgan Freeman was shared 12,000 times on Facebook alone:

Morgan Freeman Supports Legalizing Marijuana

But that’s not the best part. This is:

Just one day after launching, Marijuana Majority is already succeeding in influencing even more prominent people to speak out about the need to change marijuana laws!

Check out this quote that filmmaker & activist Robert Greenwald submitted directly to Marijuana Majority:

“The prohibition of marijuana has been a disaster. It has fostered a violent black market on our streets while gobbling up tax dollars that should be going to strengthening communities. Public opinion has rightly turned against this fruitless crusade, and voices on the Left and Right alike have increasingly called for change. Now is the time to end marijuana prohibition.”

Here’s something that model & animal rights activist Joanna Krupa sent over:

“The killing of innocent animals is far too common in the context of violent drug raids and needs to end. Our harsh drug policies create an atmosphere where officers are too often forced into dangerous situations where tragic outcomes sometimes can’t be avoided. The risks taken and inconveniences suffered by police officers to protect the lives, defend civil liberties, and secure the safety of fellow citizens should be related to keeping the public safe, not killing dogs and other pets needlessly. We need to end the unnecessary deaths caused by these raids and give pets the dignity they deserve.”

Also, check out this tweet from actor Jonathan Daniel Brown from the film “Project X”:

And here’s one from actor Sunil Malhotra:

“This all comes back to the ridiculous War on Drugs. In this War, we’re shooting and imprisoning our neighbors, our friends, our family. Not to mention that this War is racist, with its greater negative impact on communities of color, through differential enforcement and draconian sentencing. We talk about lost blood and treasure in the two wars we’ve been engaged in for the past decade (also an abomination), and we’ve lost so much more in this so-called War.”

With your help we can continue to greatly increase the number of prominent people who are speaking out against our failed marijuana laws. Please spend some time on the Marijuana Majority homepage sending tweets to anyone who has “Get Out the Quote” listed under their name.

Here are a few top targets:

With your help, we can and will build this movement. Let’s do this!

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