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The war on marijuana has failed. Pretty much everyone knows it.

But too many people who support replacing marijuana prohibition with legalization or decriminalization are afraid to say so. Because they don’t realize that a majority of Americans — including some of the most influential voices from across the political spectrum — feel exactly the same way, these silenced supporters see speaking out as risky.

Marijuana Majority exists to help people understand that ending our ineffective and harmful marijuana prohibition laws not only makes perfect policy sense, but is a completely mainstream position that enjoys broad support.

On this site, we’ve collected in one place quotes and videos from politicians, religious leaders, celebrities, medical professionals, members of law enforcement and others who think it’s time to end the war on marijuana. And we’ve made it easy to search by issue and by type of person or organization so you can, for example, see members of Congress, actors, medical organizations and business leaders who support decriminalizing marijuana, allowing medical marijuana or legalizing and regulating marijuana sales.

But more than just merely tracking the large number of prominent people and organizations that are already a part of the Marijuana Majority, we’re going to be regularly asking for your help to grow the majority and make this movement even more powerful.

By making the content sharable on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, we’ve made it easy for you to help spread the word that most sensible people agree it is time to change the marijuana laws. Just think about how much more likely your dad or your aunt would be to tell their co-workers that they support legalizing marijuana if only they knew that they could say, “Even evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson agrees!” When you take advantage of the sharing tools we’ve made available here, you are helping to make it much more likely that these kinds of important conversations will take place.

And, even more excitingly, we’ve built the site in a way that makes it more likely that influential celebrities and opinion leaders will add their voices to the emerging marijuana policy debate. Whenever you visit the site, you’ll see that we’ve selected a handful of prominent people who we believe are likely to support changing marijuana laws but just haven’t been given the opportunity to say so publicly yet. We’ve made it easy for you to help “Get Out the Quote” by tweeting¬†pre-written messages to these people with just a couple clicks.¬† When you and enough other supporters take action and reach out to these celebrities and elected officials with tweet after tweet about marijuana policy, they are sure to take note.

These are just a few of the ways that Marijuana Majority intends to influence the emerging debate about our failed marijuana laws and how to fix them.

Please take some time to read quotes and watch videos. But don’t stop there. Make sure to share the content with your social networks and tweet to some celebrities. With your help, we can and will help more people to understand that speaking out is the right thing to do.

One thought on “Welcome to Marijuana Majority

  1. Thank you for taking the time and devotion to set up and run this site. I am truly excited to be able to use Marijuana Majority as a reference tool when I debate the merits of Legalization, and how mainstream of an idea it really is (especially the groups you have chosen to represent, such as celebrities and politicians) with people who may not fully grasp the importance of this issue.

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